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CoolTone Difference

Meet CoolTone, Allergan’s latest innovation in body contouring treatment that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
CoolTone’s powerful MMS technology penetrates below the fat layer to strengthen and tone muscles. The state-of-the-art system features liquid-cooled applicators, and as part of Allergan’s trusted portfolio of products, you will be eligible to earn Brilliant Distinctions rewards with your CoolTone treatments in Pensacola.

CoolTone is FDA-cleared to strengthen, tone and firm three separate areas:

  • A more toned stomach
  • Tighter thighs
  • Firm buttocks
photo of patient receiving CoolTone treatments

Consultation & Cost

Discover the transformative potential of CoolTone body sculpting at The Skin Care Center at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery by scheduling your consultation today. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to guide you on a journey toward enhanced muscle tone and definition. Our CoolTone procedure prices are priced at consultation. Call today to schedule your consult, or click here to request online.

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How Does CoolTone Body Sculpting Work?

The advanced technology of CoolTone’s precisely controlled magnetic stimulation induces supramaximal contractions, which are significantly stronger and more intense than what can be achieved through voluntary muscle contractions. These powerful contractions engage a large number of muscle fibers, leading to muscle growth and increased definition over time.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for CoolTone?

The ideal candidate for CoolTone body-sculpting treatments is an individual who is in good overall health and has specific goals related to muscle toning and definition. CoolTone is not a weight-loss procedure, so candidates should be close to their healthy weight or within a reasonable range. It is best suited for those who have localized areas of muscle laxity or want to enhance existing muscle tone.

Candidates should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise routine, as CoolTone is often sought by individuals looking to enhance their fitness efforts and take their muscle definition to the next level. Specifically, it is beneficial for those who are seeking to achieve greater muscle definition and tone in areas like the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs.

What to Expect During CoolTone Body Sculpting

The procedure utilizes a specialized CoolTone device, equipped with applicators that emit magnetic fields. These magnetic fields penetrate the skin and fat layers, reaching the underlying muscle tissue.

When exposed to these magnetic fields, the muscle fibers contract involuntarily, mimicking the natural muscle contractions experienced during rigorous physical exercise. The treatment is highly customizable, allowing our practitioners to adjust settings based on the patient’s comfort level and treatment goals.

What to Expect After CoolTone Body Sculpting

Recovery: There is no downtime required after undergoing CoolTone body contouring; you can return to your regular activities immediately after treatment. During the treatment, you will feel intense muscle contractions, which can be a unique sensation but not painful. Any discomfort experienced is usually short-lived and resolves quickly after the session ends.

Gradual Improvement: While you may notice immediate results, the full benefits of CoolTone will become more visible over time. As the treated muscles continue to strengthen and tone, you’ll likely see progressive improvements in muscle definition and firmness over several weeks.

Hydration and Physical Activity: Staying hydrated and engaging in physical activity can help maximize the benefits of CoolTone. Proper hydration supports muscle health, while regular exercise can further enhance muscle definition and tone.

Multiple Sessions: To achieve optimal results, a series of CoolTone sessions is recommended. Our practitioners will create a personalized treatment plan based on your goals. Most individuals undergo a series of four to six CoolTone sessions spaced a few days apart.

Before & After Gallery

Procedures are performed by highly-trained and experienced Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Injectors, and Medical Aestheticians.

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